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Calculated Risk Opera Productions


Volcano & Vision. Music by Rainer Linz/libretto by Paul Greene

Tales of Love

Version 1

1990 - 1992

Volcano & Vision  1990

Rainer Linz & Paul Greene

The Last Supper




Calculated Risks Opera Productions, 1990-2002,  explored the many roles of music in performance, opera, the use of space and location, new modes of communication, interdisciplinary collaboration involving text, image and the body, and relationships to audiences and community. Its process was group devised from which a performance would be created based on the skills of the participants. The starting point was always the music which served as the platform for points of departure. The history of Calculated Risks Opera Productions is below:

1990     Tales of Love. Co-authored by Richard Vella, Annette Tesoriero, John Baylis, Nigel Kellaway.(The Performance Space, Sydney) Original music by Richard Vella. See below for the 2002 production.

1990     ABC broadcast recording of Tales of Love, broadcast September,

1990     Volcano and Vision, music by Rainer Linz, libretto by Paul Greene. (The Performance Space, Sydney)

1992     Tales of Love, Perth Institute of Creative Arts

1992     Workshop development of Labyrinth, Australia Council Music Fund, Composer Raffaele Marcelino

1993     The Last Supper, Co-authored by Richard Vella, Mary Sitarenos, Robert Draffin. Original Music by Richard Vella, Sydney.

             VIEW HERE

1994     The Last Supper, Theatreworks production, Melbourne

1995     The Last Supper, Japan tour. Ube International Festival of Arts, Japan

1996     The Last Supper, Tasmanian Contemporary Music festival

1998     BodySongs: The fatman tour. Brisbane Festival of Arts, September Co-authored by Robert Draffin, Humphrey Bower, Richard Vella. Original Music by Richard Vella, text by Humphrey Bower, directed by Robert Draffin. Production in collaboration with Theatreworks, Melbourne VIEW HERE

1998     BodySongs: The fatman tour, Melbourne season, September.

2001     The Skin of the City  One week workshop in collaboration with Urban Theatre Projects, Sydney, proposal for The      Adelaide Festival

2002     Tales of Love, new production, Riverside Theatres, Parramatta in collaboration with The Seymour Group.  VIEW HERE

2004     Invited performance excerpts to celebrate the 21st year of The Performance Space, Sydney

Tales of Love (version 2)


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