Renzo Piano: piece by piece

(composer’s cut)                 Duration: 14.17 min

Date: 2007

The full version of the film based on the Italian architect Renzo Piano was released in 1998 directed by Chris Tuckfield and produced by Hilton & Cordell and Associates. The composer’s cut of the film Renzo Piano: piece by piece… assembles footage from the original film or footage (unedited or pre-processed) not included in the final edit of the film. The music for this version is performed by the Queensland based ensemble Topology for their DVD release Video Circus on Serrated Records. In 1998, the music for the film Renzo Piano: piece by piece was awarded by the Australian Screen Composers Guild  “Best music for a documentary film”.

Score and video for a concert performance  are available from the composer

Tales of Love

(promo)                 Duration: 5:00 min

Date: 2002

The promotional video for the 2002 production of Tales of Love was filmed, directed and edited by Carla Thackrah. Produced by Calculated Risks Opera Productions, the video was performed and recorded at Riverside Theatre, Parramatta Sydney. The video highlights various scenes, images and music from the 2002 production. Performers are Karen Cummings (Soprano), Didier Frederic (Baritone), The Seymour Group (Christine Draeger, fl; Margery Smith, cl; Alexandria D’Elia, vln; Peter Morrison, vc; Denise Papaluca, pf; Philip South, pc) and Mary McMenamin (host).

The Last Supper

Duration: 70min

Date: 1992

To be uploaded


Duration: 30 min

Date: 1998

Bodysongs is an edited version of the 1998 production of Bodysongs: the fatman tour co-produced by Theatreworks and Calculated Risks Opera Productions. Stage direction by Robert Draffin; script by Humphrey Bower; design by Indira Shanahan; music by Richard Vella. This video was filmed and edited by Tahir Cambis and co-produced by Lizzette Atkins and Calculated Risks Opera productions. Singers were Michael Bishop (the Fatman) and Rachel Tidd, vocals and saxophone). Musicians: Kelly Santin (saxes); Jane Robertson (clarinets/keys); Mark Finsterer (guitars) and Ben Dickson (drum kit/percussion).



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