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Renzo Piano: piece by piece

(composer’s cut)                

Duration: 14.17 min

Date: 2007

The full version of the film based on the Italian architect Renzo Piano was released in 1998 directed by Chris Tuckfield and produced by Hilton & Cordell and Associates. The composer’s cut of the film Renzo Piano: piece by piece… assembles footage from the original film or footage (unedited or pre-processed) not included in the final edit of the film. The music for this version is performed by the Queensland based ensemble Topology for their DVD release Video Circus on Serrated Records. In 1998, the music for the film Renzo Piano: piece by piece was awarded by the Australian Screen Composers Guild  “Best music for a documentary film”.

Score and video for a concert performance  are available from the composer

Tales of Love

Production Duration: 1hr 10 min

Video promo duration:  5 min 

Date: 2002

The promotional video for the 2002 production of Tales of Love was filmed, directed and edited by Carla Thackrah. Produced by Calculated Risks Opera Productions, the video was performed and recorded at Riverside Theatre, Parramatta Sydney. The video highlights various scenes, images and music from the 2002 production.


Set & Costume design by Indira Shanahan; Lighting design by Neil Simpson; Directed by Richard Vella. Performers are Karen Cummings (Soprano), Didier Frederic (Baritone), The Seymour Group (Christine Draeger, fl; Margery Smith, cl; Alexandria D’Elia, vln; Peter Morrison, vc; Denise Papaluca, pf; Philip South, pc) and Mary McMenamin (host).

The Last Supper  (edited version in 2 extracts)

Production duration: 1hr 10min

Edited video version duration: 50 min

Date: 1992

Extract 1

The Last Supper was co-devised by Richard Vella, Robert Draffin and Mary Sitarenos with lighting design by Neil Simpson. Directed by Robert Draffin. Story teller/cook is Mary Sitarenos. The work has enjoyed multiple performances in Sydney, Melbourne, Hobart and Japan.


This version of The  Last Supper was produced for the Hobart New Music Festival (1996). Singers are Deborah Kayser (soprano), Jeannie Marsh (mezzo sop) and Tyrone Powell (baritone). Musicians in the band are Joe Roberto (accordion), Emily ? (clarinets) and Graham Hilgendorf (percussion).

Extract 2

This version of The  Last Supper was produced for the Hobart New Music Festival (1996). The work uses the Roman Catholic Liturgy for its point of departure resulting with a humorous mixed genre work bordering between grotesque parodies, cabaret, opera, oratorio and vaudeville. Each section of the liturgy is deconstructed and repurposed. For example, the mystery of turning wine into blood is repurposed in a scene in which the storyteller performs magic tricks with the pulling of eggs from her mouth.


The work collides stories about killing chickens and rabbits with food preparation. The audience is invited to eat and sample the food that is prepared on stage. The singers facilitate the show functioning like waiters who also comment (sing) on the action. The storyteller's  role alludes to the priest in the liturgy.


Production duration: 1hr 15min

Edited video duration: 30 min

Date: 1998

Bodysongs is an edited version of the 1998 production of Bodysongs: the fatman tour co-produced by Theatreworks and Calculated Risks Opera Productions. Stage direction by Robert Draffin; script by Humphrey Bower; design by Indira Shanahan; music by Richard Vella.


This video was filmed and edited by Tahir Cambis and co-produced by Lizzette Atkins and Calculated Risks Opera productions. Singers were Michael Bishop (the Fatman) and Rachel Tidd, vocals and saxophone). Musicians: Kelly Santin (saxes); Jane Robertson (clarinets/keys); Mark Finsterer (guitars) and Ben Dickson (drum kit/percussion).

The Palais

Duration: 90 minutes

Video documentation 30 minutes

Date: 2000           

A building sings of lives lived in music. The Palais was a Community theater event produced by Urban Theatre Projects celebrating the importance of music and well being in senior and mature aged citizens living in the western suburbs of Sydney.


More information...

Concept & Choreography: Wendy Mcphee

Photography: Tim Pelling

Music: Richard Vella

Date: 2019 - 2020

The DoubleTake series of videos are a collection of short dance videos devised by Wendy Mcphee ...... more



2022  ‘Colours of Memory’, performed by South Czech Philharmonic Orchestra, on Inviting Worlds Vol 3. NV6482

2022   Mise-en-Scènes #6 and #9 included on piano album, Piano Spectrums performed by Anna Kislitsyna. Parma Recordings US.   ....        NV6413

2008   Renzo Piano Suite, on Video Circus by Topology,DVD

2005   The A to Z of Spiritual Music: a user’s guide, commissioned by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, The Australia Council   ....        for the Arts and the Sonic Art ensemble.

2004   Water/Va Pensiero on Larger than Life, The Ten Tenors, Warners 5050467-3855-2-8, ARIA platinum award 2006.

2004   Mirrors of fire, on Mirrors of Fire, Tall Poppies. Tim Kain, TP160

2003   Travelling Light, music from the feature film, ABC

2002   Tales of Love Suite, Charisma, Great White Noise, GWN002

2000   Tango for Micro Economic Reform, The Keating Tangos, Opus House Press CD 010

1999   Between Earth Air, released on A Sympathetic Resonance, Move MCD 105

1997   Between Earth and Air, Kevin Murray Classic CD, London CRC 699-2

1996   Tango, A Day in the Life of a Clarinet performed by Peter Jenkin, Tall Poppies. TPO 86

1996   Music for CDROM project Shock in the Ear

1996   A piano reminisces... Australian Piano Miniatures, Michael Harvey, RedHouse.9401

1995   Memory Pieces, , , The hands the dream performed by Daniel Herscovich, Tall Poppies

Film scores

film scores

2003   Travelling Light, Feature Film, Toi Toi Films, SAFC, AFC.  Nominated for an Australian Film Industry award.

2001   Mr. Strehlow's Films, Journocam Films, SBS Accord Films

2000.  Wendy Sharpe Coolaman Films

1999   Renzo Piano: Piece By Piece Hilton Cordell Productions, commissioned by ABC TV. Awarded Best Music for a Documentary Film,              ....               Australian Guild of Screen Composers

1996   Parklands Aus. Film Commission, Film South, Lexicon Films.

1991   Light Years Bobdog Productions

1983   Psyche's Revenge Independent film by Michelle Mora

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