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Books and Reports
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All listening examples for Musical Environments can be accessed here

All listening examples for Sounds in Space Sounds in Time can be accessed here

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Public Presentations
Public Presentations

The 21st Century Conservatorium

Public talk given in 2007 about the future curriculum at the Newcastle Conservatorium of Music, NSW, Australia

The Conservatorium & the Music Industry

Report on the curriculum developments at Newcastle Conservatorium, NSW, Australia inititiated in 2007 and follow up changes. 

Papers & Articles

In Development

Other papers can be found at the following link -


From composing to action, published in The Music Trust series, Inside the Musician, May 1 2023.

Model, Metaphor & Interdisciplinarity.   Presentation given at the Model and Metaphor Symposium, University of Newcastle, 2013.

‘Music/Theatre as a theatre of ideas’, NMA8.


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