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Books and Reports
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All listening examples for Musical Environments can be accessed here

All listening examples for Sounds in Space Sounds in Time can be accessed here

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Public Presentations
Public Presentations

The 21st Century Conservatorium

Public talk given in 2007 about the future curriculum at the Newcastle Conservatorium of Music, NSW, Australia

Engagement and Impact in the Creative Arts

Summary notes in preparation for a panel on Research  Impact in Higher Education, Melbourne University, Australia. (15/11/23)

The Conservatorium & the Music Industry

Report on the curriculum developments at Newcastle Conservatorium, NSW, Australia inititiated in 2007 and follow up changes. 

Papers & Articles

Other papers can be found at the following link -


In Development

From composing to action, published in The Music Trust series, Inside the Musician, May 1 2023.

Model, Metaphor & Interdisciplinarity.   Presentation given at the Model and Metaphor Symposium, University of Newcastle, 2013.

‘Music/Theatre as a theatre of ideas’, NMA8. 1989

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