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Production duration: 1hr 15min

Edited video duration: 30 min

Date: 1998

Co-produced by Theatreworks (Melb) & Calculated Risks Opera Productions

Bodysongs is an edited version of the 1998 production of Bodysongs: the fatman tour co-produced by Theatreworks and Calculated Risks Opera Productions. Stage direction by Robert Draffin; script by Humphrey Bower; design by Indira Shanahan; music by Richard Vella.

This video was filmed and edited by Tahir Cambis and co-produced by Lizzette Atkins and Calculated Risks Opera productions. Singers were Michael Bishop (the Fatman) and Rachel Tidd, vocals and saxophone). Musicians: Kelly Santin (saxes); Jane Robertson (clarinets/keys); Mark Finsterer (guitars) and Ben Dickson (drum kit/percussion).

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