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Large Ensemble & Orchestral Music

Octets, Large ensemble & Orchestra

Absence... (for 2 orchestras)

2003, 6:06 min

Concerto for Trombone & Orchestra

1995, 21 min

Colours of Memory (orchestra)

2019, 5:18 min

Convergence Nos. 1 & 2 (large chamber ensemble)

• Convergence #1 

1995 7:07 min


• Convergence #2

1995, 8:18 min

(works for small and large chamber ensembles from the film Parklands, 1998)

No.2 River (arrangement of Guitar Prelude No 2)

Renzo Piano Suite: Book Two (for orchestra)

from the film Renzo Piano: piece by piece (1998)

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Mass for Lost Souls (for orchestra)

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Three Studies for Orchestra

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No.1 Between Earth & Air (arrangement of Guitar Prelude No 1)
No.3  Mirrors of Fire(arrangement of Guitar Prelude No 3)
No.4  Song of Loss (arrangement of Guitar quartet 1st movement)
No.5  Grace (arrangement from 11 Meditations on Music and Spirit)
No.6  Transcendence (from the film Light years)
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