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Cello Ensemble (Octets & other)

These cello ensemble (octets and larger) are arrangements from various works by the composer originally written for solo instrumental, film or chamber music.

No.1 Between Earth & Air (arrangement of Guitar Prelude No 1)
No.2 River (arrangement of Guitar Prelude No 2)
00:00 / 05:26
No.4  Song of Loss (arrangement of Guitar quartet 1sr movement)
No.5 Arrangement of Grace from 11 Meditations on Music and Spirit
No.6  Transcendence (from the film Light Years)

River is an arrangement for cello octet. It  was premiered at the Sydney Festival (1993) at the Sydney Town Hall. The concert was called The Great Cello Concert featuring leading cellists in Australia. River was originally composed for solo guitar and commissioned by the Australian Guitar competition in 1992.

No.3  Mirrors of Fire(arrangement of Guitar Prelude No 3)
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