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Colours of Memory
for orchestra

Date: 2019

Duration: 5:24 minutes

Recorded by the South Czech Philharmonic Orchestra

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Colours of Memory explores various contrapuntal variations based on the flute's opening two bar pattern (bars 7 & 8). This two bar pattern, with its implied syncopation, was transcribed from a Garage Band royalty free library archive of instrumental audio samples. 


As well as utilising invertible and retrograde counterpoint, the work capitalises on implied counterpoint through the use of klangfarben technique. This results with constant timbral interplay with the other instruments.

Formally, the point of departure for Colours of Memory is the Baroque era's concerto grosso combined with a post-minimal aesthetic. Towards the end of the work, there is textural simultaneity with the emergence of the chordal writing in the strings. 


The recurring drum kit pattern functions like a ritornello and avoids direct reference to any style. The snare drum only occasionally observes regular accents on beats two and four; the focus being more on the syncopations in the bass line.


A recording by the South Czech Philharmonic Orchestra has been released on the album  Inviting Worlds Vol 3. NV6482

Composer's note: The snare drum in the work can be played with the snare on or off. The above recording by the South Czeck Philharmonic has the snare drum off. The following demo version, using the Note performer plugin, has the snare on resulting with the drum and bass having more presence. Either version in performance, in which the snare is on or off, is acceptable.

Colours of Memory

(demo version using Note Performer in Finale with snare drum on)

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