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Currency Press Music Titles  (1998 - 2001)

These titles were commissioned by Richard Vella as General Editor for Music with Currency Press. They fall into two categories: instrumental pedagogy (print music); and scholarly books. While most were instigated as General Editor, The Currency Companion to Music & Dance and Metaphor, A musical dimension, while published within this period, were not commissioned by Richard Vella but involved his input. 

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Print Music
Australian Piano Music Vol 1
Sally Mays (ed)
Larry Sitsky's Folk Songs
Michelle Linton France (ed)
Australian Piano Music Vol 2
Sally Mays (ed)
Larry Sitsky's Rhythms Chords & Elbows
Benjamin Thorn (ed)
Australian Piano Music Vol 3
Sally Mays (ed)
Australian Piano Music Vol 4
Sally Mays (ed)
Organ Australis
David Kinsela (ed)
Flexible arrangements
Playing Ad Lib
John Whiteoak
Metaphor: a musical dimension
Jamie C Kassler (ed)
Musical Environments
Richard Vella
Currency Companion to  Music & Dance
Aline Scott Maxwell,
John Whiteoak (eds)
Complete Accord
Miriam Hyde
The music of Raymond Hanson
compiled by Graham Hardie
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