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Listening examples from Musical Environments and Sounds in Space Sounds in Time

Except for a few listening examples, most of the examples for Sounds in Space Sounds in Time are the same as those listed below for Musical Environments. The examples that are different, while having a different title and composer, fulfill the requirements for the example referred to. This is because Sounds in Space Sounds in Time was published in the northern hemisphere requiring some minor changes.

Examples 1 to 15

01 Black Moon Assails (Alistair Riddell)
04 M'saddar (Anonymous)
07 The Moldau (Bedrich Smetana)
10 Overlapping Crescendo (Richard Vella)
13 Come And Get It (Richard Vella)
02 The Sink (Graeme Leak)
05 Cymbal And Water (Ros Bandt)
08 Sinuous (Rick Rue)
11 Demonstration Of Drum Registers
14 Piano Sonata Op. 31, No. 1 In G Major (Beethoven)
03 Who's Asking_ (David Chesworth)
06 Water Dreams (Paul Dresher)
09 Postiche (Amanda Stewart)
12 Clarinet Solo (Roger Alsopp)
15 Demonstration Of Changing Instrumental Timbres

Examples 16 to 30

16 Demonstration Of A Fundamental Tone Plus Overtones
19 Hodie Chrisus Natus Est (Anonymous)
22 Demonstration Of Harpsichord Combined With Percussion
25 Tango (Richard Vella)
28 Example Of A Piano Played From The Inside
17 Demonstration Of Prepared Piano Sounds
20 Lascivious Serenade (Edward Primrose)
23 The Naked Kiss (Andy Arthurs)
26 Dark Matter (Jim Denley)
29 Fantasy Island (Andy Arthurs & Philip Chambon)
18 The Naked Kiss (Andy Arthurs)
21 Baricades Misterieuses (François Couperin)
24 Procession (Richard Vella)
27 Genesis (Andy Arthurs)
30 Orchid (Greg White)

Examples 31 to 45

31 Splinter (Jon Drummond)
34 Wind Chimes (Recorded By Herb Jercher)
Track Name
37 Vocal Demonstration Of Staccato
40 Vocal Demonstration Of Pitch Bends
43 The Bits That Move Together (David Chesworth)
32 Hodie Christus Natus Est (Anonymous)
35 Ocean Bells (Ross Bandt)
38 Vocal Demonstration Of Legato
41 Recycle (Andy Arthurs)
33 Church Bell From Margherita Piazza, Venice (Recorded By Trevor Pearce)
36 Spectral Dance (Greg Schiemer)
39 Sonata In C, K545, 3rd Mvt (Mozart)
42 Asp 3 (Brigit Burke & Rainer Linz)
44 In Nomine (Richard Vella)
45 Cadences, Deviations And Scarlatti, (Elena Kats-Chernin) Performed By The Sydney Alpha

Examples 46 to 60

46 This Old Man (Traditional) Performed By The Young Conservatorium Singers, Queensland Co
49 Fantasie (Alistair Riddell)
Track Name
52 Symphony No. 5, 1st Mvt (Beethoven)
55 Attitude (Richard Vella)
58 Physic (Bridgid Burke & Rainer Linz)
47 Symphony No. 5 - Opening (Beethoven)
50 High Up (Richard Vella)
53 Example Of White Noise
56 Ricercare - Opening (J.S. Bach Arranged By Peter Jenkin)
59 Sing Unto God, Judas Maccabeus (Handel)
48 Charisma (Iannis Xenakis)
51 More Than Molecules (Andy Arthurs & Philip Chambon)
54 Symphony No. 3 'Eroica' Op. 55, 2nd Mvt (Beethoven)
57 Eye Of The Hurricane (Andy Arthurs & Philip Chambon)
60 Soma (Rosalind Page)

Examples 61 to 75

61 Symphony No. 5 (Beethoven )
64 Sonata In C, K545, 3rd Mvt (Mozart)
Track Name
67 Demonstration Of Common Musical Space Created By Gesture
70 Demonstration Of Unison And Octave Doubling
73 When I Was A Young Boy (Richard Vella)
62 Bifurcate (Tim Kreger)
65 Oompah (Psychopjama)
68 Demonstration Of An Architectonic Structure
71 Telephone Song (Louise Choksy)
74 High Up (Richard Vella)
63 Persephone Sleeps Amidst The Blossoms (Andrée Greenwell)
66 Demonstration Of A Common Musical Space Created By Metric Organisation
69 Ricerare - Exerpt (J.S. Bach Arranged By Peter Jenkin)
72 An Example Of A Scale As A Single Line And Then In Parallel Motion
75 Heaven And Earth (Justine Bradley)

Examples 76 to 90

76 We Must Be Off (Martin Wesley-Smith)
79 Demonstration Of Klangfarben On Drums
Track Name
82 Auld Lang Syne (Traditional)
85 Forked Lands (Amanda Stewart)
88 Demonstration Of Non-Metric Stratification Using Organd Accelerando And Piano Deceleran
77 Ricercare - Exerpt (J.S. Bach Arranged By Peter Jenkin)
80 Virtuoso DiDJ (Alan Dargin)
83 Garden Of Earthly Delights (Liza Lim)
86 Peter's Piece (Raffaele Marcellino)
89 Convergence - Excerpt (Richard Vella)
78 Polyphonic Variations (Greg Schiemer)
81 Aspirance (Lawrence Harvey)
84 Voice Solo Demonstration A Variety Of Timbres
87 Demonstration Of Radio Improvisation
90 Thirteenth Century Motet (Anonymous) From The Period Of Petrus De Cruce

Examples 91 to 98

91 Impermanence, 2nd Mvt (Robert Iolini)
94 Example Of A Heterogeneous Texture_ Building Site And Traffic Sounds
Track Name
97 Layering Of Melodies To Produce A Sound Mass
92 Six Studies On A Trombone Melody, No. 2 (Richard Vella)
95 Concertino - Opening (Elena Kats-Chernin) Performed By The Sydney Alpha Ensemble
93 Example Of A Homogenous Texture_ Demonstration Of Guitar Distortion Sound Mass With Bac
96 Example Of A Mass Of Sound Produced With Drums
98 A Sound Mass Created By Heterophony
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