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Concept & Choreography: Wendy Mcphee

Photography: Tim Pelling

Music: Richard Vella

Date: 2019-2020

The DoubleTake series of videos are a collection of short dance videos devised by Wendy Mcphee. In these videos, the dancer is superimposed over various landscape images  photographed by Tim Pelling. Within these images, her body is hidden, blends, emerges or in the foreground. The videos' minimal aesthetic create a sense of stillness, memory, rupture and discovery. Mostly created through Covid 19 lockdowns, they allude to the video installation genre. Their overall effect borders between the subliminal, phenomenal and sudden moments of clarity. The music has been repurposed from various film cues and concert art works by the composer.

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DoubleTake  Series 1 #1.3
DoubleTake Series #2.1
DoubleTake 2 #1
DoubleTake Series 2 #1
DoubleTake Series 2 #2
DoubleTake  Series 1 #1
DoubleTake Series 2 #3.3
DoubleTake  Series 2 #5
DoubleTake  Series 2 #4.1
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