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Date: 1996

Duration:  1 minute

00:00 / 01:17

Soliloquy was originally written for the film Parklands (1996). The film cue refers to the car yard scene where Rose (Cate Blanchett) and Cliff (Tony Martin) are discussing a car. Soliloquy was later used as a point of departure for the piano solo 'Mise-en-scène #10'.


Date: 2001

Duration:  3:47 minute

00:00 / 03:47

Joy was originally written in 2001 and later included a series of works for chamber ensemble titled Eleven Meditations on Music and Spirit. The performance here is by Marshall Maguire and recorded by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (2006). It was later developed for  the piano solo 'Mise-en-scène #2'

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