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Renzo Piano Suite: Book One (small chamber ensemble)

selected music from the film, Renzo Piano: piece by piece

Year 1998

Duration: 13 m 48s

Instrumentation: Bb clarinet; Violin, Viola; Violoncello, Piano.

Alternative orchestrations are also available by contacting the composer.

The music from The film Renzo Piano: piece by piece has been arranged into two suites: for chamber ensemble (Bk 1); and orchestra (Bk 2).  Book One was originally arranged for the Brisbane based ensemble Topology (See Video/Discography for performance by topology) . Book Two consists of works for large ensembles & orchestra.

Book One: for small chamber ensemble

Order of sections on video

1. Nemo Museum, Amsterdam

2. Cy Twombly Gallery, Texas

3. Renzo Piano discussing ambiguity in architecture

4. Linghotto Building, Turin

5. Kanzai Airport, Osaka

6. Renzo Piano discussing ethics in architecture

7. Renzo Piano's workshop, Paris

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