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Electroacoustic Music

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Analogue hybrid works for multitrack  pianos, Tcherepnin synthesizer, and speaking voice

• Me and Wolfgang

• Schubert's Lament from Melodramas and other pleasures)

• Ephemeral moments like these

• Counting the cycles with Mozart

• Memory pieces (analogue version)

Fairlight computer compositions


•  Spectacular wedding march (from the play Away)

•  Let's dance (from Melodramas and other pleasures)

•  Let's funk (from the production Pipedreaming)

•  Funk Finale (from the production Pipedreaming)

•  Sixties stomp (from the play Away)

•  Once upon a time.... (original Fairlight computer version)

•  An Imaginary Life (from the music theatre production)

• Nostalgia, (originally for the play Salonika, later used for the film Light Years)

• When anything is possible... (originally composed for Pipedreaming, later used for Tales of Love, version 1)

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